Tales of Graces ƒ Playthrough Part 1

First, don’t panick at the lenght of this video. This project (and future ones) will be done like this from now on. Why? Because it’s easier to upload it this way and takes less to finish a project. This is because instead of uploading 2~3 videos, I just upload one every day and that way the game will be over in no time.

Now, to ensure none of you use the lenght of these videos as an excuse to not watch it, take a look at the intro, and there you’ll see the links to certain parts of it. Take them as “parts” of the video. I hope you like this system 🙂

Now, as for the project itself, I intend to do, or at least try, a 100% playthrough with the help of the FAQ mentioned above. And by 100% I mean getting the Platinum Trophy. This project will be probably uploaded daily, but maybe one day I’ll run out of time to upload it, so please don’t get angry at me XD

As for the VA… not bad at all. I’ve heard worst (*cougharcrisefantasiacoughthelaststorycough*). I like it.

This part covers exactly what the FAQ and the tags mention, from the beginning of the game to the first visit to Lhant. Back in my Tales of Graces (Wii version playthrough), this would be parts 1-5. See why this method is better? :3

Oh, and if you fear about Tales of Xillia, don’t worry because I have more footage ready to translate, so probably tomorrow there will be another part.

Hope you enjoy this!


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