My Final Channel Update of 2012

If you have the time, please spread the word about this. It is a very important update that I feel is really important. Why do I say this? Because it focuses on a variety of topics that I made for this. It also contains an important tweet from Chuggaaconroy, a really popular YouTuber. I was given permission to do this so no worries. Enjoy and I’ll see you January 7th.


MegamanNG’s 2012 Year-End Series

This is MegamanNG here.

Before I begin with this, I have a lot to say. You see, this year hasn’t been a good year for me and even though I am a qualified member of SkyArtGamers, I haven’t put any effort in my responsibility. What do you expect? I am a Let’s Player but the problem is that I’m overshadowed by other bigger ones. I do support many Let’s Players but not all of them. The reason why is because I… I admit. I’m jealous at some of them because of their success. I feel that there are a lot of reasons but there’s nothing wrong with it. I swear, I know this. I was blocked by one of them who is nothing more than a greedy individual who cares nothing but his views. He’s selfish and thinks that he’s the king of all YouTube. He’s everywhere and I feel that this guy may become the next Tobuscus. I want to set things right with the people I’ve hurt but I feel that there are some people that can’t. This is why I hope that when I do become big, I will never change. I won’t change for anyone. I will be me… nobody else!

In the meantime, enjoy the first episode of my new Year End Series hoping that 2012 can go out with a bang. I will begin work on Episode 02 tomorrow. As for Persona 4 Arena Footage, I’ll have to do a few online matches to do it. Hope you guys enjoy. Take care.


「Xenosaga Episode I」: “Boss: Margulis”(Victory!!)

Hello, I’m SkeithMaster, the new member of SAG and here is my very first post in this blog!.

Has some ever wondered if the Boss Margulis from the first Xenosaga game was beatable? since the game let’s you continue on the story even if you’re defeated, but indeed there’s a way to beat him, and is shown in this video.

Once again, I’m the new member and I hope this community will last years and years! cheers to everyone!!.