My Final Channel Update of 2012

If you have the time, please spread the word about this. It is a very important update that I feel is really important. Why do I say this? Because it focuses on a variety of topics that I made for this. It also contains an important tweet from Chuggaaconroy, a really popular YouTuber. I was given permission to do this so no worries. Enjoy and I’ll see you January 7th.


MegamanNG’s 2012 Year-End Series

This is MegamanNG here.

Before I begin with this, I have a lot to say. You see, this year hasn’t been a good year for me and even though I am a qualified member of SkyArtGamers, I haven’t put any effort in my responsibility. What do you expect? I am a Let’s Player but the problem is that I’m overshadowed by other bigger ones. I do support many Let’s Players but not all of them. The reason why is because I… I admit. I’m jealous at some of them because of their success. I feel that there are a lot of reasons but there’s nothing wrong with it. I swear, I know this. I was blocked by one of them who is nothing more than a greedy individual who cares nothing but his views. He’s selfish and thinks that he’s the king of all YouTube. He’s everywhere and I feel that this guy may become the next Tobuscus. I want to set things right with the people I’ve hurt but I feel that there are some people that can’t. This is why I hope that when I do become big, I will never change. I won’t change for anyone. I will be me… nobody else!

In the meantime, enjoy the first episode of my new Year End Series hoping that 2012 can go out with a bang. I will begin work on Episode 02 tomorrow. As for Persona 4 Arena Footage, I’ll have to do a few online matches to do it. Hope you guys enjoy. Take care.